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Where are the new IFBB Pro athletes?

Where are the new IFBB Pro athletes?

The past year in bodybuilding has been a very interesting one.

After the split between the (Real) IFBB and the IFBB Pro/NPC, the industry has been shaken, but it seems all has settled down, other than the few that still do not understand what happened.

With the NPC being suspended by the IFBB as their American affiliate, the new IFBB Physique America was created and replaced them. The new federation is growing at a fast rate with veteran Wayne DeMelia at the helm.

After all this, the IFBB Pro/NPC federations have been preaching that they are now free to do whatever they want as a federation with ‘no restrictions’.

The IFBB Pro/NPC supporters have been accusing the IFBB that they are to strict and have to many restrictions. Obviously they are not mentioning that the IFBB have a structured system of rules that are discussed on more than one occasion every year at various congresses. As well the international committee are voted for by representatives from the 197 affiliated nations.

When was the last time the IFBB Pro/NPC League organize a general meeting opened up to all its members (affiliates)?

Has anybody been given the right to contest for the presidency of the IFBB Pro/NPC federations? Has a vote ever been taken? Does the term ever end?

In a recent post by an IFBB Pro/NPC affiliate, they said “take advantage of the non restrictive attitude of the IFBB Pro League”.

While they are saying this, what happened to all the new IFBB Pro athletes that won their pro cards in 2018?

In the last two IFBB Pro League shows, there was no bodybuilding and the number of athletes competing are a disgrace.

The Kuwait pro show only had five competitors competing in the Men’s physique class. Surely a easy ticket to the Olympia stage. There was no Open class bodybuilding, 212 or even the popular Men’s Classic Physique class. The organizer would of surely added these disciplines if there was a demand.

In the Dominican Republic, IFBB Pro Victor Martinez was promoting his show for a year and still no interest was shown in certain classes. Again, no Open class bodybuilding or Men’s Physique and only three competitors in the Classic Men’s Physique class.
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