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Irisin 'triggers weight loss and could pave the way for obes

The 'exercise hormone' really DOES exist: Irisin 'triggers weight loss and could pave the way for obesity drug'

Levels of the hormone irisin increase in the body after exercise
The hormone is thought to control blood sugar levels and metabolism
Two recent studies called into question its existence and function
Now, scientists have developed a method to prove it exists as described

A fat-burning hormone, which is released in the body during exercise, is ‘not a myth’, scientists have said.

There had been doubt as to whether or not Irisin, a hormone discovered by US scientists in 2012, does is a reality.

But a new study has found the chemical does circulate in the blood and increases as a person exercises.

Harvard Medical School researchers, who first claimed to have found the presence of irisin, have now created an empirical method to prove the hormone is present in the bloodstream.

The discovery of irisin was exciting as it was found to improve metabolism and control of blood glucose, explaining why exercise is healthy.

When levels of the hormone increase during exercise - or when it is injected directly into mice – the hormone ‘switches on’ genes that convert white fat into beige fat, researchers found.

White or ‘bad’ fat is the dangerous type that wraps itself around internal organs and is stored in over-sized stomachs and love-handles.

But brown, or ‘good’ fat is activated when a person is cold to help maintain body heat by burning calories.

Another type of fat, beige fat, genetically distinct from white or brown, behaves like a hybrid of the two cell types, being able both to store and burn calories.

An injection of irisin, or stimulating levels to rise through exercise, could turn white fat into calorie-burning beige fat, scientists said.

Last year, researchers were hopeful they could harness the power of irisin to develop a jab that could tackle obesity.

This, in turn, would slash the associated risks of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

However, two recent studies pointed to possible flaws in the methods used to identify irisin, which was discovered by using commercially available antibodies.

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