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Erythritol is a sweet antioxidant

Erythritol is becoming widely used as a Non-Nutritive Sweetener similar to that of Non-Calorie Sweeteners. However, it is considered a Sugar Alcohol, not a Non-Calorie Sweetener.

What makes it a Sugar Alcohol is that it is enzymatically produced through the breakdown of corn sugar into erythritol. It is also found in fruits and fermented foods.

Research shows that it may have antioxidant effects. For example, den Hartog et al. (2010) found that erythritol contains polyols (multiple OH molecules) that can scavenge free radicals throughout the body. The researchers attributed this to the fact that it is not metabolized for energy.

Therefore, it has the ability to perform other functions, such as attaching to potentially damaging molecules in the body.
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den Hartog, G. J., Boots, A. W., Adam-Perrot, A., Brouns, F., Verkooijen, I. W., Weseler, A. R., ... & Bast, A. (2010). Erythritol is a sweet antioxidant. Nutrition, 26(4), 449-458.
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