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Will Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden be ready to defend his title?

The annual Jim Manion Pittsburgh Pro show took place between 3-4 May, 2019.

The show is practically the only event of the year where you will find the top five Olympian’s guest posing for the crowd and NPC President Jim Manion.

One would expect every category in the NPC/Pro League to be scheduled in the show, but what’s strange is that bodybuilding was not included in the pro show.

This article is not about why bodybuilding was not included in the show, but rather the condition of the current Mr. Olympia, Shawn Rhoden.

The guest posers of the show were Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson, Roelly Winklaar, William Bonac, Brandon Curry and 212 competitor Kamal.

As one would expect, all bodybuilders are in off-season mode. They all look like they are holding a ton of water and overweight.

From the five Olympia competitors, Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden looked horrible. It looks like Shawn did not lift a weight since he defeated 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath last September 2018.

We all know that a number of pro bodybuilders take time off in the off-season, but Shawn looked like he has no intention to compete this year.

Shawn’s chest has disappeared, his arms look like he has never trained them and most of all he just looked overweight.

It is known that Shawn leaves it to the last minute to prepare for a contest, but a number of prominent people in the industry were not happy with Shawn’s appearance.

These bodybuilders have no choice when it comes to guest posing at Jim Manion’s show. They have to go whether they are in shape or not.

When watching the video of the guest posing event, it is evident that Brandon Curry is the true favorite to take the title away from Shawn Rhoden at the 2019 Mr. Olympia.
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