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Mike O’Hearn gives update on legend Robby Robinson

Mike O’Hearn gives update on legend Robby Robinson.

Mike O’Hearn, the popular bodybuilder and fitness model has for the first time talked about his great friend and training partner Robby Robinson on his official Instagram page.

The bodybuilding legend, Robby Robinson has been battling sickle cell anemia. According to reports and Mike O’Hearn, Robby has been battling this disease for his entire life, but now it seems to have become worse.

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O’Hearn confirmed that Robby is not in the best condition and we should all consider this as an update.

Robby as well went to his social media to give us updates and that he is ready for the battle and does not fear anything, even death.

This is Mike O’Hearn’s message in full:

People have been emailing, DMing and texting me to see what’s going on…⁣
⁣My Iron Brother and training partner Robby Robinson AKA The Black Prince @robbyrobinsonofficial is sick.⁣
⁣He’s been battling with sickle cell anemia his whole life…⁣
⁣..only it’s gotten worse.⁣
⁣I haven’t been replying out of respect for my warrior friend…⁣
⁣I’ve been hoping he’d pull out of it, and tell you himself.⁣
⁣But he isn’t doing great, so consider this an update

⁣Mentally one of the strongest people I know.⁣
⁣He might even take the cake as
⁣Unlike me, his battle never stops after the gym.⁣
⁣When I sleep he’s battling. I eat he’s battling.⁣
⁣I come home after a long day, plop down on the couch and spend time with the pups, he’s still battling.⁣
⁣People say show up early and leave late.⁣
⁣Robby never leaves.⁣
⁣Like I mentioned before, he’s a warrior
⁣He understands this is part of his life and he will continue to persist.⁣
⁣And his persistence has had a huge impact on me.⁣
⁣In honor of Robby and the battle he’s going through, do us a favor.⁣
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