Odgovor To okt 23, 2018 11:28

Over 900 competitors awarded IFBB Pro cards in 11 months

The 2018 bodybuilding and fitness season has been very busy for the IFBB Pro League and NPC.

In September 2017, the IFBB Pro League/NPC were suspended by the IFBB as an affiliate. After the suspension, the IFBB Pro League/NPC made the decision to try to make an impact internationally.

The IFBB Pro League/NPC have been organizing IFBB Pro qualifiers all over the world with the goal to dominate the bodybuilding and fitness industry. But this has been a more difficult task than expected.

The goal obviously of the IFBB Pro League/NPC was to try to take over the international market from the original IFBB, the federation that Ben and Joe Weider created and the federation that they handed over to Dr. Rafael Santonja.

Since the split, not only did the IFBB become stronger with 197 affiliated countries. They have made stronger ties with Olympic committees and government entities all over the world, as well they created their own IFBB Elite Pro League.

Before the split, the IFBB were feeding new qualified pro’s to the IFBB Pro League, but this has now ended with the IFBB having full control over their own IFBB Elite Pro League. The IFBB Elite Pro League has become very popular in less than a year and already the new Pro’s are becoming more popular as the season continues.

With the IFBB Pro League/NPC trying to gain more momentum, especially internationally, they have handed out a large number of IFBB Pro League cards to a large number of athletes.
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