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Controversy surrounds the 7X Mr. Olympia

The last few weeks have not been easy for the 7X Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath. From losing his Olympia title to being accused of stealing a $100,000 diamond bracelet, it has not been easy for him.

Phil was denied winning his eighth Olympia title Shawn Rhoden at the 2018 Mr. Olympia and till today Phil believes he should have won.

Since ending his exclusive contract with AMI’s now defunct Flex Magazine, Phil has opened up to all major websites for interviews before and after the 2018 Olympia Weekend.

Every interview is basically the same with all media outlets with Phil pointing out he won the majority of the poses and should of retained his title.

Phil also confirmed that he will be having another operation to correct his abdominal problem. Phil has yet to confirm if he will return to try to win his title back in 2019.

All these interviews fueled more hatred towards the 7x champion, with a number of fans expressing their feelings that Phil is a sore loser and can’t handle defeat. Others are saying that this is a breath of fresh air for the sport.

Another controversial story related to Phil is NFL star Jimmy Kennedy accusing him of stealing his $100,000 diamond bracelet.

Jimmy Kennedy was interviewed on ‘Blood, Sweat & Gear’ and during his interview accused Phil of stealing his bracelet.

The popular Youtube channel Nick’s Strength and Power covered this story in more detail.

The story in short is that Jimmy Kennedy let Phil Heath wear his bracelet and that Phil eventually lost this expensive piece of jewelry.

This escalated with both engaging lawyers and as well Phil Heath’s ex-wife, who is undergoing cancer treatment was also thrown into this controversy.

Jimmy went on to publicly post all the text messages between him and Phil, revealing some sensitive conversations.

Jimmy believes that Phil losing the Olympia is karma for stealing his bracelet.

This controversial story does not end, Phil Heath went on to threaten to sue Nick’s Strength and Power for covering this story.

First of all, Nick’s Strength and Power just reported what was already spread all over public forums and social media. It was not Nick who revealed the conversations between Phil and Jimmy. It was Jimmy who posted the conversations publicly. He can’t be liable for reporting something that was already reported.

After Nick revealed the messages that Phil sent to him threatening to sue him, Nick received a ton of support from a number of lawyers

Nick revealed that he would of offered to take down the post, but then decided that he had no reason to remove it as he did not break any law in reporting this story.

To make things worse for Phil, Redcon1’s owner Aaron Singerman is giving his full support to Nick’s Strength and Power on this matter and as well has offered to cover all legal expenses if they do go to court.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this is going to be.
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