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No sign of tension as Kai Greene offers to train Phil Heath.

No sign of tension as Kai Greene offers to train Phil Heath.

Since we can remember, the media has been portraying Phil Heath and Kai Greene as the biggest enemies.

It is true, there was tension between the two when Kai Greene was trying to dethrone Phil Heath of his Olympia title. This was probably the most exciting era in bodybuilding in recent times.

But when both were interviewed on separate occasions, they both admitted they have a huge amount of respect for each other.

In a recent interview with Phil Heath immediately after his defeat to Shawn Rhoden, Phil Heath confirmed this.

A few days ago, Phil Heath went to his official Instagram page to comment on a photo sarcastically saying that he needs to get back in the gym:

“I’m going back to the gym right now because I was told I need better conditioning” – Phil Heath

Immediately after Phil made the comment, Kai Greene joined the conversation and the fun started.

Just imagine if Kai teamed up with Phil just so he can prepare for the 2019 Mr. Olympia. That would be the most talked about story in 2019.
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