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Branched-chain aminoacid supplementation

J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2016 Dec;56(12):1511-1517. Epub 2016 Jan 20.
Branched-chain aminoacid supplementation attenuates a decrease in power-producing ability following acute strength training.
Gee TI1, Deniel S2.
Author information

This study aimed to investigate the effects of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation on recovery of power-producing ability following a strength training (ST) session.

Eleven resistance-trained males, performed baseline measures of a countermovement jump (CMJ) and a seated shot-put throw (SSPT). In a counterbalanced fashion, participants were provided with either 20-g of BCAA or a placebo. Each dose was divided into two equal quantities and consumed before and after a ST session consisting of various multi-joint barbell exercises. For both conditions, the CMJ and SSPT were repeated at 24-h post-ST, in addition participants attributed their perceived muscle soreness level via a 200-mm visual analogue scale.

Following ST there were significant decrements in CMJ (baseline; 55.2±7.4-cm, BCAA; 52.8±5.9-cm placebo; 50.6±7.3-cm) and SSPT (baseline; 4.55±0.56-m, BCAA; 4.37±0.61-m, placebo; 4.22±0.64-m) for both conditions in comparison to baseline values (P<0.05). However, BCAA was shown to attenuate the decrements in CMJ and SSPT performance compared to placebo (P<0.05). Muscle soreness was significantly increased following ST for both conditions, however there were no differences in attributed values following BCAA and placebo ingestion.

BCAA administered acutely before and following intensive ST attenuates a decrease in power-producing ability experienced by resistance-trained males. The apparent small but significant effects on functional power suggest that BCAA is an effective ergogenic aid for athletes who require augmented recovery of power-producing ability following intensive ST.
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