Odgovor So sep 26, 2015 15:45

The muscle Prof - BCAA med obroki

One common question we get is "Does it provide potential benefits of consuming or sipping BCAA all day between meals?" While in theory this may makes sense, the research doesn't appear to support this contention.

Bohé et al. (2001) put together a study where amino acids were infused for 6 hours. Bohé found protein synthesis was elevated above baseline at 60 and 120 minutes; however, after 120 minutes protein synthesis had returned to baseline despite a further 4 hours of amino acids infusion. It's also important to consider, after a high protein meal amino acids will stay elevated for up to 6 hours post meal. However, my brother, Dr.Gabe Wilson (2011) found that at 180 minutes, MPS appears to be back down and this is likely attributable to an energy deficit/strain on the cell, despite sufficient amino acid levels. While drinking BCAA may not provide additional benefit, a single bolus of BCAA / Leucine with a small amount of carbohydrates (10-15g) between meals may provide beneficial effects. Dr. Jeremy Loenneke and I found that the more often you are able to stimulate that MPS trigger, the less abdominal body fat people tended to have. However, it's worth noting this strategy lacks long term data in humans and fundamentals such as total daily protein intake is still far higher in the "hierarchy of importance".

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