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The muscle Prof - kazein/whey

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The muscle Prof - kazein/whey

We know that whey and casein protein have different digestion rates (whey-fast, casein-slow), which is why many people may opt for casein at bedtime. However, one issue with using casein alone may be the lower Leucine content, which is key for inducing muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Tang et al. (2009) conducted a study testing blood concentrations of leucine after the consumption of whey, casein, and soy proteins. They found that whey was the only protein with enough Leucine to produce a significant elevation in MPS. As you can see in the graph, Tang also found at 3 hours post blood leucine levels were statistically the same between the three different proteins.

This suggests that you should consider both the digestion rate AND the peak plasma leucine levels, which will ultimately “trigger” the MPS response. My colleague Dr. Mike Ormsbee is doing some great work in this area as we speak. It may be possible that a blend of whey and casein prior to bed could optimize the response we are looking for, but we certainly need more research in this area.

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Re: The muscle Prof -

Enostavna rešitev - zadnji obrok kazein zraven pa Leucin peptidi v tekoči obliki :)
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