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Creatine (Cr):

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Creatine (Cr):

Creatine (Cr):The Muscle Prof

While many supplements may be a waste of time and money there are a few staple supplements available that provide an array of benefits and are heavily supported with years of research. One of these super supplements is Cr! Cr is an amino acid derived compound chemically classified as a non protein nitrogen. It can be obtained through food sources such as beef, pork and fish but it would be hard to obtain the optimal amount through diet alone. The bioavailability of Cr ranges from ~ 80-100%, Syrotuik et al (2004) monitored Cr stores following a 5 day loading phase and out of the 11 participants, 2 did not significantly increase Cr stores. Research by Kreider et al. (2007) also found the increase is dependant on current stores, those who eat little meat or fish may increase stores by 20-40% but those with relatively high baseline stores may only increase Cr levels by 10-20%. This is important as Greenhaff et al. (1993) found a correlation between the increase in Cr and it's ergogenic effect. -

The first graph by Sale et al. (2009) demonstrates a common loading strategy, 4 doses of 5g per day lasting for 5 day, he also compared this to 20x 1g servings. Following the initial preload, a maintenance dose of 3-5g per day is recommended (Williams et al., 1999). Research has shown Cr can improve endurance performance, markers of health, strength and lean mass (Buford et al., 2007). The second graph above (Volek et al., 1999) shows the change in CSA following 12 weeks of resistance training with additional Cr supplementation (25g preload for 7 days followed by 5g per day) vs placebo. As you can see, larger improvements were witnessed across ALL fibre types in the Cr group vs placebo.

Finally, the third graph by Hoffman et al. (2006) shows changes in 1 rep max following 10 weeks of resistance training with the addition of Cr vs placebo in strength trained athletes. As you can see, the addition of Cr increased 1RM by nearly 25kg compared to only 6kg in the placebo group! In summary, Cr Monohydrate has been extensively researched and is very effective & cheap to buy. Ensure Cr is part of your supplement stack
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Re: Creatine (Cr):

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