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Carbohydrates PWO - are they needed?

Carbohydrates PWO - are they needed? - The Muscle Prof

The use of Carbs (CHO) post workout (PWO) has been a heavily debated topic for several decades. The underpinning theories behind this strategy revolve around CHO having a synergistic effect with Protein (PRO), further increasing Muscle PRO Synthesis (MPS), replenishing glycogen and in long term increasing muscle mass (Stark et al., 2012). However several limitations exist and the addition of CHO PWO lacks clinical data.

One of the few acute studies that looked at the effect of CHO + PRO vs PRO alone on MPS was conducted by Staples (2011). Using a crossover design, participants performed 4 sets of knee extensions to failure and then consumed either 25g Whey or 25g Whey + 50g of CHO (malto). Although insulin was significantly higher in the CHO + PRO condition, there was no difference in MPS or Muscle PRO Breakdown (MPB) (Shown in Graph 1).

One limitation to the above study was the use of only 4 sets of leg extensions, which may lack ecological validity. One study conducted by Koopman et al. (2007) had participants perform 60 minutes of upper & lower RT (17 sets total), which is much closer in terms of volume and exercise (presses, pulls, leg press etc) selection to that of a typical gym goer. Immediately PWO participants consumed either PRO alone (20-30g), PRO and a low amount of CHO (LCHO ~ 10-15g) or PRO and High CHO (HCHO ~ 40-50g). As you can see from Graph 2, FSR (a marker of MPS) was not significantly different, despite a large difference in insulin levels (for the HCHO condition compared to PRO alone).

Based on these findings and other research by Glynn et al. (2013), CHO with PRO do not further argument it's effect on MPS. With lack of data on long term RCT to support the use of CHO for this reason it may be worth rethinking your PWO strategy, especially if one of your goals is to reduce fat. From a practical perspective, if you still wish to consume CHO PWO you could do this from natural food sources that provide other micronutrients, this may also be important from a behavioural aspect if you are dieting. Why waste 40g of CHO or 160 calories in a liquid drink when you could enjoy them in a meal?
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