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The Muscle Prof - EI & TEE

In this slide I present a rat study where they first restricted energy intake and then allowed them to eat without restriction. As you can see in the Graph from day 1 to 14 after being dietary restricted the Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) was drastically lower compared their Energy Intake (EI), showing they drastically over ate after following a restrictive diet. Here is an interesting summary from the authors:
“It is the dieting and the deviation from the “steady-state” wei
ght that awakens the body's defense system. The biological response is persistent, saturated with redundancies, and well-focused on the objective of restoring the body's depleted energy reserves. Any weight loss strategy that fails to acknowledge and plan for this emerging metabolic influence is likely to have little success in facilitating long-term weight reduction.” Maclean et al. (2011)

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