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Bikini Fitness and Bodyfitness (Figure) Masters were the first categories where the trophies were distributed.

Bodyfitness Masters up to 163 cm:
Michelle BAILEY (Trinidad & Tobago) moved up from 8 th position in 2016 to the top, clearly winning the final round 5:10 over Miranda NOHEALANI (USA) and Sabrina BURGESS (Bermuda) who were tied 15:15 in the semifinals but finally NOHEALANI took the 2nd position.

Bodyfitness Masters up to 168 cm:
After winning Figure Masters class and Women’s Figure Class B at the 2016 NPC Elite Physique Championships now Donya JACKSON (USA) dominated this category and took the Masters overall title. In the 2 nd position Esmeralda HIGAREDA (Mexico), just 1 point ahead of the second US competitor Yukina BETZ (USA).

Bodyfitness Masters over 168 cm:
SeCond start and second win of Cynthia NETTO (Brazil)! And in the same point ratio 6:12 but this time over the runner-up from the United Kingdom Katalin JASZTRAB. In 3 rd place Kristina GOTTY (Canada).

Bodyfitness Masters overall title went to Donya JACKSON (USA) after the very close battle against Michelle BAILEY (Trinidad & Tobago). Both stars were tied 8:8!

Bikini Fitness Masters open:
Very rare situation: Ana Albaladejo (Spain) won the battle on the stage and… disappeared. Being absent at the awardng ceremony, she was disqualified. In this situation all competitors were moved one place up and Marbellis BALLESTAS (Colombia) was declared a winner. Then Anita SZYMCZAK (Poland) as a runner-up and Nicole TOVEY (Bermuda) moving up from 4 th place last year to the 3 rd position now.
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