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The 3rd and last day of this year’s Arnold Europe was a “heavy” day, with heavy bodies on the stage. And the course of events was sometimes very exciting and very intriguing. It started with three lightest bodybuilding categories: 70 kg, 75 kg and 80 kg. Then a very spectacular interlude with Men’s Fitness routines and two more bodybuilding categories: 85 kg and 90 kg followed by finesse Women’s Fitness routines.
Two heaviest bodybuilding categories: 100 kg and +100 kg, then overall and something new: inauguration of Women’s and Men’s Fit-Model divisions. Very interesting day, with presentation of heavy and lighter bodies, men and women, muscular and delicate, harder and smother, warriors and their charming queens.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 70 kg: 15 competitors. Last year in Madrid Jonay Mesa (Spain) was a leader after the semifinals but then lost the title dropping to 4th place. This year, in Barcelona, he was more stable and didn’t repeat this mistake. After taking a lead in the first round, he also won the next two rounds and the title. Behind him a very close battle of Wael Ali Omar (UAE) and Massimo Casalena (Italy). Casalena was better in the first round but lost 6 points to Omar in the second round. Then, desperately tried to work off this loss in the third round and was almost successful but managed to reduce the loss by 5 points only. Omar represented Syria some years ago at the Mediterranean Championships. His comeback and 2nd place is impressive. 2014 world men’s champion Daniel Sticco (Italy) in 5th position.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 75 kg: 15 competitors. Last year’s runner-up Alberto Abad (Spain) was registered but didn’t compete. For his team-mate Carles Viñals it was his third Arnold. After 8th place in 2011 and 4th place in 2014 he had a chance to improve now and… he perfectly used up this chance. In May he won silver medal at the European Championships, winning the first round and then losing the title to Maurizio Montalto. In Barcelona he won the first round and then the next two, taking the title with almost perfect scores. Behind him, the next very close battle between Abedalrahman Bahlawan (Lebanon) and Hector Defez (Spain) who came back after his 6th place in 2014. They were tied 12:12 in the first round but then Defez slightly lost the next two rounds to Bahlawan.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 80 kg: 12 competitors. Following his two-time 2nd place (in 2014 and 2015), Alex Zuccaro (Italy) had his third chance to win but it occurred to be an extremely difficult task, while the current European champion Rafael Beltran (Spain) had the same dream. Zuccaro already won Arnold Amateur USA (2011) and came to Barcelona in a glory of 2016 Olympia Amateur Spain winner but his third attempt to take the Arnold Europe title failed once again. Beltran slightly won the first round (7:11) but definitely dominated the second round (14:22), so was impregnable. In 3rd place Julio Portet (Spain) who returned to the IFBB after spending few years in other organizations.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 85 kg: 26 competitors. First winner with perfect scores in all rounds: Benjamin Reinata (Netherlands). Born and growing up in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, now lives in Amsterdam, Holland. First contest in 2013, now his first international appearance and a very good one. Current European champion Ott Kiivikas couldn’t challenge him this time, finishing 2nd in all rounds. Next, in 3rd place, new raising star from Spain, Oscar Palomino. 2013 World Championships silver medal winner Ben Abdallah Abdelkader (Algeria) in 6th position. Last year’s 3rd place winner Gianni Iacono (Italy) out of the top 10.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 90 kg: the longest bodybuilding line-up of 31 competitors. Many top stars but some of them not in top conditions. Last year’s 3rd place winner Luis Ricardo Plata (Colombia) out of the top 10. 2016 European Championships and Olympia Amateur Spain overall winner Jorge Zamorano (Spain) in 5th position. 2015 European Championships runner-up Manuel Duarte (Spain) just one place ahead of him. European Championships bronze medal winner Grego Francisca (Netherlands) in 3rd place again. The top battle was run between last year’s runner-up Jozef Furin (Czechia) and 2015 World Championships silver medal winner Zoheir Mihoubi (Algeria). First round slightly for Furin (11:12) but in the second round he received 10 points better scores than Mihoubi and had no problem to keep this advantage in the last round. Furin is a former world Classic Bodybuilding champion (2009). Then turned to extreme Bodybuilding and has been gradually climbing up in the hierarchy.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 95 kg: 15 competitors. One clear leader Manuel Cañadillas (Spain). He participated in the first ever Arnold Europe in 2011 (8th place), then returned in 2013 (3rd place). Earlier this year placed 2nd at the 2016 European Championships and won the overall masters title. Long, great, successful career. Former European Championships Classic Bodybuilding overall champion Tomas Tabaciar (Slovakia) turned into extreme bodybuilding in 2013 and in 2015 won his first bodybuilding competition (Olympia Amateur Spain) ahead of Jozef Furin. Now had no chance to win over Cañadillas but rather had to defend his 2nd position against attacking 2016 Arnold Africa winner Mohammed Shaban (Egypt). First round only 15:16 for Tabaciar, but later on he ultimately grounded his 2nd place.
Men’s bodybuilding up to 100 kg: 16 competitors. 2014 and 2015 Arnold Europe winner Morteza Oveisi Pakniyat (Iran) came to take his third title in a row but failed, finishing in 5th place. The next serious pretender to the title was 2016 Arnold USA winner Avraam Kyriacou (Cyprus). He was very close to the final victory, being tied with the winner in the second round 20:20 but lost his chance in the routine round. The winner was Hungarian star Béla Kökény who won every title in other organizations, including the Worlds overall title, and – after two-year break – debuted in the IFBB at the Diamond Cup in Zilina in June (3rd place, +100 kg). This time he went under 100 kg, weighing 97.5 kg, what brought much sharper definition to his muscles. After being tied with Kyriacou in the muscularity assessment round he got three-point advantage in the routine round. Last year 5th place winner Kille Kujala (Finland) moved up to the 3rd position.
Men’s bodybuilding over 100 kg: 18 competitors. Till Sunday, the biggest sensation was the Men’s Physique Ukrainian junior Dmytro Voievodchuk victory in junior overall as well as men’s overall categories. But something not less sensational happened in this bodybuilding category. It was the performance of 2015 European Junior Championships overall winner Luke Debono (Malta). Still junior, 23, he increased his bodyweight from 98.9 kg to 107.8 kg but, anyway, lost the junior category battle to Pavel Beran (Czechia). The battle in Men’s Bodybuilding super heavyweight class on Sunday was very tough. Adolf Burghardt (Germany) was a leader after the semifinals, ahead of Jordi Martinez (Spain) and Debono. In the second round Debono was tied 22:22 with Martinez in the 1st place, leaving behind Burghardt (24 points). But still any final order of those three was possible. Once again the posing routine would have to decide about the final victory. And Debono’s routine was scored much better than those of Martinez and Burghardt, so it was the final order of the top three. Former Arnold Europe runner-up Francisco Corral (Spain) in the 4th position. 2016 Diamond Cup Zilina and Olympia Amateur Spain winner Jan Turek (Slovakia) just out of the final, in 7th place. Too many contests? He also participated in the Baikal Grand Prix in August (4th place).
But the biggest sensation was still ahead of us. This happened in the overall category, which was dominated by… junior bodybuilder Luke Debono! And it was an unanimous victory (5 points) over Béla Kökény (15 points) and Manuel Cañadillas (16 points). Junior won over seven famous, very successful bodybuilding champions. Is he so brilliant talent or they were a bit off? Next contests will show but, probably, he will use the opportunity to turn pro. Amazing acceleration in his sport career!
The most intriguing and open question remains: what would happen if the best junior Pavel Beran, who won over Debono in juniors, decided to compete in men’s open bodybuilding category as well?
Women’s Fitness up to 163 cm: 11 competitors. Current European champion and last year’s Arnold Europe runner-up Evgeniia Mishchenko (Russia) was challenged by other top international stars: last year’s 3rd place winner Nikolett Szabó (Hungary), World Championships bronze medal winner Emma Paveley (United Kingdom) and her team-mate Vicky Gale. Former world children fitness champion, Szabó, performs perfect routines, so won this round but lost too many points in the physique assessment round, dropping one place down. Paveley presented the best physique and won this round, what allowed her to move up to the top. Mishchenko placed 3rd in both rounds and in total, ahead of Gale.
Women’s Fitness over 163 cm: 10 competitors. Very close battle of four top competitors: world champion Tatiana Dvortsova, last year’s Arnold Europe winner Svetlana Shesterikova, World Championships 4th place winner Karina Permiakova (all of Russia) and last year’s runner-up Vanesa Belova (Latvia). Former top children fitness star, Belova, 16, won the routine round but couldn’t win the physique round over much more matured opponents and dropped to 3rd place, 1 point ahead of Permiakova. Shesterikova and Dvortsova showed the best bodies (were tied 8:8), so the routine round decided and Shesterikova won this round and the whole battle by 1 point. So close and exciting was the battle! Later on Shesterikova also won the overall category.
Women’s Fit-Model open class: 12 competitors. Great international inauguration of this new IFBB division. A dozen of competitors performed in three rounds. In the first two in one-piece swimsuit and in the last one in floor-length evening gown. Patrycja Kolacz (Poland) slightly won the first two rounds but in the last round (individual presentation in evening gown) Elizaveta Chernova (Russia) successfully attacked her moving up to the 1st position. In 3rd place the next Russian competitor Aigul Akhmetshina. Now only to wait for next show to see if this new sport will attract more ladies and will gain wider popularity.
Men’s Fit-Model open class: 2 competitors. Men are more conservative than women, so only 4 competitors were registered and… 2 of them resigned, so only 2 appeared on the stage. Henny Seroeyen (Belgium) won both rounds over Pedro Rodriguez (United Kingdom).
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