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Paradox of hypercholesterolaemia in highly trained, keto-ada

To kar sem že večkrat napisal o visokem LDL in HDL (vendar zdravih oblikah) pri zelo aktivnih posameznikih z malo telesne maščobe na tej prehrani sedaj zabeleženo še v znastveni reviji iz strani največjih raziskovalcev keto prehrane v povezavi s športom Volekom in Phinnyem...

Paradox of hypercholesterolaemia in highly trained, keto-adapted athletes
Brent C Creighton1, Parker Neil Hyde2, Carl M Maresh2, William J Kraemer2, Stephen D Phinney1, Jeff S Volek2

This study showed that a group of elite athletes habitually consuming a very low-carbohydrate (LC) diet for over a year exhibited markedly elevated concentrations of total and LDL-C, above levels considered desirable and beyond that which has been observed in ketogenic diet interventions in non-athletes.

The LC athletes also had extremely high concentrations of HDL-C and fewer small, dense LDL particles, suggestive of lower risk for cardiovascular disease.

The explanation for this paradox of very high circulating cholesterol in highly-trained endurance athletes who adopt a low-carbohydrate diet, may be related to high intakes of saturated fat and cholesterol as well as an increased demand for lipid metabolism and corresponding expansion of the intravascular cholesterol pool to accommodate their dramatically accelerated rates of fatty acid oxidation.
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