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Correa na vaganju

Po nasilnem spuščanju teže da bi prišel do 202 lbs

This is the scale the technician used to weigh Eduardo Correa after the weigh in. The bottom line: what a screw up!!!!!!! Here he weighs 202. or just under. But when he got to weigh in he was over and had to sauna it out atthe Spa at the Orleans. We went over to the hotel sauna to drop 3 pounds when BAM out flies a MMA guy in not one but TWO sauna suits trying to drop 14 pounds! The guy passed out right there on the floor in front of us. I, being one to try to entertain the Rx crew decided to take a picture of the guy. I had planned on posting it with one of Eduardo in the sauna sweating his *** off worried would he make weight. Just then the guys trainer turned to me and said "u take a pic and I will clock u"So, no pic. Eduardo did make the weight at the 11th hour. It was a lot of stress. His brother is here and its the first time in the US for him and his father is also on the way to see Eduardo compete for the first time. Never ever did it don on me that he was OVER the weight. So, in a previous thread I had made the claim "Eduardo will make the 202 class all of 30 seconds. Tonite was a royal **** up and he made in for about that amount of time

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