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2009 World Championship
Budapest, Hungary
November 6th & 7th , 2009

Every WABBA European or World competition is each time an occasion for the athletes to dare competing each other in a high-level competition. The quality of the competitors can sometimes thriller some of them but the way they compete, in a good ambiance and between bodybuilding lovers, makes often forget the bad side of competition to keep the good one only. The ones who participated into a WABBA competition once know how it is difficult to impose themselves as well as they know the professionalism of the organisation. But generally, we learn a lot of those events and we are ready to improve …

It is in that state of mind that the good athletes of our time came to compete in Budapest. 24 countries brought their more deserving athletes from their selection in order to participate into that great fair … This time, the committee had decided to arrange that competition in one day only. That was new : the competition was longer for the public but the performance was very much shorter for the athletes : this is a will of the committee of always finding solutions to improve itself and to stay attentive to the athletes …
We could think that, in that way, the public would get tired, but owing to the passion of the Hungarians for our sports, it has not been the case … The hall was full !!

The new category, the Superj24, began the show. Owing to the fact that the age limit authorised for this category has been increased by 2 years, a group of athletes well expanded, a quality and a muscle mass more achieved have been presented. Hungarians were at home, they perfectly showed it in that category : Gergo Bognar imposes his mass and his line before his compatriot Krisztian Karacsonyi and the Lithuanian Mantas Gailius … For his first performance, the Irishman Philip Graham got well along, he had the 6th position but owing to his aggressive mind, he will certainly come back improved … I think this category has a fine future ahead of it.
Then, we have been enjoyed by the miss shape’s elegance and feminity. Let me add that in that category, the champion women, after having their prize, disappeared from the international competitions … This year, we had real competitors listed, girls liking competitions, daring taking a new look at themselves even after wining a world prize … Indeed, on the same stage, we had 3 European champion women and 2 world ones !!! This has never occurred !!! Then, I think that, in those circumstances, we can say that each place on the podium has been hardly won !! The European champion woman, the Italian Sabrina Remorgida won the highest prize, before the appointed world champion woman, the Hungarian Dora Szantai. The French Sylvie Chavot, the appointed European champion woman wins a fantastic 3rd position.
Referring to the men fitness, a category that is normally well represented, we cannot say that the competition has been fascinating. The Portuguese Rui Miguel Tavares has been very much more performing than the Latvian Jurijs Balabanovs … Are there takers ? … Some places are free in that category !
As for the men body fitness category, once more, Hungaria, at ease at home, imposes 2 athletes on the podium !! First of all, Lajos Lenard, 1st position and Norbert Illes at the 3rd one. Between the both of them, the Italian Alan Baroncini is disordering the Hungarian hegemony and imposes his fantastic line on the 2nd position of this beautiful category.
Now, referring to the small sizes, as each time, the fight has been tough. This time, there has been no Hungarian on the podium but one Czech. Indeed, Petr Vanis convinces everyone and takes the 1st position very easily followed very nearly by the Spanish Raul Cesar Gutierrez and by the Greek Nikolas Antoni.
After the small sizes, the medium ones clearly invaded the podium … Very numerous and of a level never reached, we have been enjoyed by amazing comparisons. Physical appearances sometimes very different : mass, dry, perfect lines, in one word everything needed to make the judges’ job complicated, and also to have a great show. By combining those three qualities, the Hungarian Peter Molnar makes everyone agree. Just behind, they fought for the positions of honour and finally the Slovenian Miha Zupan takes the 2nd position before a very united French team … Indeed : 3rd one : David Gasser, impressive … The Irishman Gareth Mc Glinchey has the 17th position, should he come back a bit drier, he has a fine future ahead of him …
Generally put at the end of the competitions, the big sizes imposed their stature in the middle of the show. One more time, this a category invaded by the Hungarians (yes, one more time). Indeed, owing to a stature worthy of the professionals, Laszlo Zoltan shows us one more time that in Hungaria, body is serious ! The Czech Radek Lonc stops the Hungarians from doing the doubled, doing better than a Ferenc Kovacs improving … Excellent performance for Ireland with Brian Mc Areavey who fails to go onto the podium, obtaining the 4th position … Well Brian !! Try it again !!
Let’s go back to some feminity at that moment of the competition owing to the miss fitness. Very sharpened but with splendid lines, they excellently competed with their gymnastic sequences and their presence during the comparisons. The level was of a great quality for this category also … But one of them had to win anyway and this is the Italian woman Cinzia Chiarenza who had been better than the Hungarian one Suzy Kellner and her compatriot Brigitta Grof.
At the beginning, when the idea of creating a Supermasters category appeared, we would never think we could see so many athletes on a stage as during those championships. The idea to show to the young that there is a future for competitions after 50 years-old is good, it is true, but a lot of them got hooked and the stage, this time, was exceptional as far as quantity and quality were concerned. Moreover, a lot of nations were represented … In one word, Guy-Alain Damour, from the Reunion Island and who came with his family to be encouraged, competed in joy. Already present in Portugal with his good humour and his enthusiasm, he is persevering and going on improving. A modal !! Behind him, we could see the Serbian Peter Liska and our friend from the Maurice Island Mario Lily in a very good shape. Well done Supermasters, please come back !!
A bit younger, our friends, the masters, have this time put an end to the amateur competition … As numerous as their elders, they have impressed us one more time by their youthfulness. It is the Spanish man Homero Sosa who is above the average, combining to the best the mass and the dry before the Italian Alessandro Galli, less massive, but with buttocks striated as I had never seen … some stars !! … On the 3rd position, there is the excellent Pierre Payet from the Reunion Island and very just behind, on the 4th position, the Irishman Liam Stewart, always ready to reach the podium. We are happy to see you again in such a good shape Liam. And well done to your team !!
The new Professional women category was only a demonstration in Budapest … But some of those athletes would have already seen themselves in the competition.
For the Professional men, it is alright. And for the Hungarian Daniel Toth also … He is literally the very best of this category and before his compatriot Peter Molnar, neo pro. Once again, 2 Hungarians on the podium !! We could see Charlie Abboh at the 3rd position, the pleasant Norwegian, improving again and again. The fight has been tough to be able to reach the podium.
After that epic fighting, at the beginning of the evening, everybody went back to the comfort of an hotel of Budapest in order to resume the performances of each one or to already think about the next preparation for the European Championships in Yekaterinburg, Russia, on the 5th and 6th of June 2010 … For all the athletes wishing to feel the fraternal ambiance at WABBA, get ready !! The season will begin very soon !!
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